Is Leaflet Distribution Still in the Game?

Amidst this digitalised era, printed promotions and mediums are said to soon be extinct — with leaflet distribution selected as the medium that will be obsolete before long. With a wide selection of modern marketing tools such as SEO, SMM, PCC and even email marketing, it is no surprise that printed promotions are no longer the primary option among advertisers and business owners.

Nevertheless, data shows that leaflet distribution is still doing well when it comes to promoting products and services and might even surpass other means of marketing tools when carried out with the proper strategy in place. What to know more? Read on below.

Does Leaflet Distribution Still Work?

According to, leaflet distribution is still in effect:

  • ✔48% of consumers still respond to leaflet ads
  • ✔79% either keep, glance at, or pass on a leaflet to their colleagues or friends and families
  • ✔80% of the public still read printed ads at least weekly
  • ✔80% of the public admits in keeping printed ads for immediate or future use

This goes to show that leaflet distribution is still a valuable marketing tool that can generate high leads and conversion rates, particularly for new businesses

Reasons to Choose Leaflet Distribution:

1. Powerful Physical Presence

Online marketing tools tend to easily fade into the background amidst hundreds of other online advertisements. On the other hand, leaflets are not as easily dismissible due to it being a physical presence. For instance, marketing emails are often deleted even before they are opened, while social media ads are easily ignored amidst other online ads. Leaflets, however, can grab the attention of audiences easily — particularly when they willingly accept it when it is being distributed.

2. Higher Engagement Rate

A leaflet often tends to make viewers engage with the brand or business that are being advertised. This, in turn, allows you to generate a higher lead and conversion rate for your product or service. To ensure this, include a call to action in your leaflet — be it a request for feedback on your website or simply to follow your brand or business’s social media page.

3. Targets Specific Demographics

Unlike a pop-up ad on websites or a marketing email, leaflets are less likely to irritate audiences who receive it. What’s more, you can ensure a more effective response from these audiences when you target certain areas with certain demographics that make up your ideal target audiences. When you choose SBS Print’s leaflet distribution service, you can target specific audiences in specific regions as we allow you to select specific demographics such as age or financial status, thus allows your ads to get into the hands of target audiences that will be interested in your product or services.

4. Low-Cost Advertising

Creating a leaflet is a simple process, and thus the cost of it is also lower compared to other forms of marketing tools and advertisements. Not only are they easy to make, but leaflets can also provide a high return on investment as you don’t need to have a huge budget for a leaflet distribution service — particularly when compared to the costly world of digital marketing and the constant need to pay for advertising spaces online.

Why Hire us for a Leaflet Distribution Service?

When you choose SBS Print’s leaflet distribution team, we will plan out an effective distribution process that will help you to pull in new clients, deliver specific messages to your target audiences and increases your lead and conversion rates. With our fool-proof strategy, your leaflets will be distributed at targeted locations that will aim audiences who are interested in your products or services. Once the distribution process is done, we will track the progress and deliver a detailed report to you to ensure your leaflets are received by your target audiences every time it is distributed. 


Overall, it can be said that leaflet distribution is quite possibly the most cost-effective marketing tool when it comes to putting your business out there or launching a new service or product within your company. A leaflet solidifies and adds credibility to your brand or business by providing in-depth details of your products and service to your target audiences. In turn, this can increase the rates of leads and conversions generated for your business — especially with a good leaflet distribution campaign in place.