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Does Offline Marketing Still Work in this Digital Era?

Before the birth of the internet, offline marketing was the ultimate advertising strategy for various business owners and entrepreneurs in a bid to promote their businesses. However, with the emergence of IR 4.0 and the rapid growth of the internet, offline marketing had slowly faded to the background as brands and advertisers alike redirected their focus towards digital marketing.

While it is apparent that today’s businesses are all hyped with going full-on digital when it comes to advertising, it is undeniable that offline marketing still serves its purpose in promoting businesses and services broadly —76% are even of the opinion that offline marketing makes for the better choice compared to digital marketing.

What is the secret to having effective offline marketing? Simple, all you need is to have a good strategy in place by appointing a good reputation, trustable and reliable offline marketing agency. Once you have developed a thoroughly planned strategy, investing in offline marketing will be just as effective and rewarding as any online marketing form to achieve their advertising goals.

5 Main Types of Offline Marketing:

Choose from our array of offline marketing methods:

Banners & Bunting

Banners and Buntings printing complete with licence application & installation

Flyers Distribution

Flyers distribution to residents or commercial letterboxes and even hand to hand distribution done in front of schools or commercial buildings

Newspaper Insertion

Newspaper Insertion service to Malaysia’s major daily newspapers

Table Sticker Advertising

Table Stickers advertising service where we paste advertising sticker across Malaysia’s F&B outlets’ tables.

Pocket Tissue Advertising

Pocket Tissue Advertising lets your client bring along your advertisement inside their pockets and handbags.

6 Big Benefits of Offline Marketing

Draw Attention

A good launch for any start-up companies or entrepreneurs who seek recognition is to focus on a city and start to promote your business and services to your target audience locally. What better way to start this other than giving out pocket tissue, distributing flyers, pasting table stickers or even putting up bunting or banners that describe your business, products, and services in a vibrant and eye-catching way to get noticed?

Direct Contact with Your Clients

Even with the rise of digital marketing, face-to-face contact is still highly efficient when it comes to brand advertising and awareness. Aside from giving your potential clients a physical reminder of your brand, you will also be able to have one-on-one conversations with them and elaborate more about your products and services.

Instant Feedback ​

When undergoing an online marketing campaign, feedback from potential clients is usually delayed. That can be remedied with offline marketing as you will receive feedback almost as soon as your ads are sent out and distributed.

Reaching A Wider Range Of Audience

Although we are well into the digital era, there are still groups of people who are unfamiliar with the digital or online method of communication — particularly for those living in remote areas. With offline marketing, you can reach out to a wide range of your target audience as opposed to only focusing on one group via online marketing.

Longer Visibilty & Presence

With online marketing, your ads would only be visible for a given period and will disappear from the radar unless your campaign is renewed. However, with offline marketing, this is no concern as physical ads tend to be more memorable and will be noticed easily without the risk of fading into the background as is common with online marketing and its clutters of ads.

Physical Brand Awareness

When promoting a product or service — and start-ups in particular — having a physical presence is extremely vital for instant recognition and credibility, which is why handing out items branded with your logos is the first step in establishing your brand presence to the public. With that said, why not let us ensure the success of your marketing campaign via our various efficient offline marketing methods?


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Who Should Use Offline Marketing?

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CM Wong
Founder & CEO

Why Choose Us? - SBS Prints?

Here at SBS Prints, we believe that your success determines ours, which is why we are the preferred service partner in Malaysia when it comes to customer communications for businesses and brands. Our humble journey started in 2003 where we started our service with the distribution of flyers for various companies. Today, we specialise in delivering targeted, tactical, and timely messages using both print and digital media to ensure higher leads and conversions for your marketing campaign.

Although we are experts in print, we decided to begin synergising both the print and digital media to reach and engage numerous audiences as the needs of the industry grew. Our best-of-both-worlds approach and our passion have brought us to where we are today — a leading, ISO-certified customer communications provider in Malaysia.

On that note, we are also proud to be the first company to be awarded an ISO 9001: 2015 for flyer distribution in Malaysia — given on the same year where we celebrated our 12th year in printing & advertising.

Want to know more about us? Read on below for 9 main reasons to choose SBS Prints as your no.1 offline marketing provider:

✓ The first and only flyers distribution company in Malaysia to be ISO certified

✓ The first and only flyers distribution company to land a place in the “Malaysia Books of Records”

✓ Most awarded media company in Malaysia through the nomination and trust given by all of our clients in the market

✓Speedy delivery and no delay as we proceed within 24 hrs upon client’s submission

✓A seasoned printing company with 17 years of experience since 2003

✓Trusted by more than 15,000 (and still counting) SMEs, listed companies, GMCs, F&B chains, education fields, developers, finance fields, automobiles, and many more throughout SEA

✓100% support and transparency with our very own building, landline and contact details for clients to reach out to us any day, anytime

✓Professionally trained and disciplined staffs with ISO certified SOP

✓Go through a hassle-free marketing campaign and impress your boss by engaging and hiring the services of an efficient team that produces high-quality results. 

Elaine Piah
Managing Director