Table Sticker Advertising

Commonly found in restaurants, cafes, hawker stalls, bars and even in top restaurants all over Malaysia, table sticker advertising is fast becoming the go-to out of home advertising method as it is an extremely creative way to build awareness and to have a lasting impression of your brand towards your target audiences.

With various sizes to choose from, SBS Print creates the crème de la crème of table sticker advertising to help businesses broadcast their brand’s values and offerings out to the nation. All our stickers are beautifully designed by talented graphic designers who know how best to design a table sticker ad that is creative, catchy and appealing to the eyes. These stickers are then printed out using our cutting-edge high-resolution printing machines.

5 Big Benefits

Here are 5 of the major benefits of Table Sticker Advertising service:

Reach Wider Audience

Table Sticker Advertising allows you to be able to reach a wide range of audience in various locations

Immediate Sharing

Immediate sharing of promotions and offers to your target audiences


The most cost-effective way to promote and build brand awareness, products, and services


Often viewed as a personal endorsement from organizations or products instead of an advertisement

attention grabbing

Audiences will take note of its contents more actively since it is not viewed as an advertisement

3 reasons to choose table sticker advertising

Highly Effective

When carried out in public places such as restaurants and cafes, table sticker advertising is bound to grab people’s attention. Psychologically speaking, customers tend to observe their surroundings while having conversations as they wait for their food for an average of 30 minutes to be served and dine for another 30-50 minutes more. This method of advertising will not only act as a direct marketing tool towards your audiences but will also bound to be the topic of conversation amongst themselves to kill time as they wait to be served.

Durable and Long-lasting

1 sticker Can Reach up to 1,080 People to see your Advertisement. Besides that, A table sticker ad can be glued to any flat surface and will last there for 30-90 days. As the table sticker is displayed on the surface of your choice, there will be 32,400 people that are exposed to your sticker and its content per restaurant per month (30 table x 4 people/ table x 3 table turn/ dining x 3 times per day, breakfast, lunch, dinner x 30 days).

Flexible and Customizable

The beauty of table sticker advertising lies chiefly in its customizable format, longevity, and the simplicity of its installation. You can customize your company logo together with your business offerings, contact details with QR code and more while choosing a trendy and eye-catching design to be displayed on the sticker. What’s more, there is no need for you to apply for a license from local authorities and what is perhaps the best part is that none of your competitors will tear off your sticker in the premise of a café or restaurant.

Where to get Table Stickers Advertising in Malaysia

SBS Print is home to various kinds of print designs and outdoor marketing solutions. We are endowed with expert digital marketers and designers who have keen eyes when it comes to creativity. They know how best to tailor entertaining, informative, or even amusing contents for your stickers. Get in touch with us today to find out more about table sticker advertising!

4 Simple Work Process

Get your Table Sticker Advertisment installed in 4 simple steps:


Submit your design source files to us for checking.


We print your artwork according to the agreed format, specifications, and quantity.


Choose your targeted locations such as restaurants or cafes.


We will paste your table sticker ads on the table.

10 Reasons To Choose SBS

Here are 10 main reasons to choose SBS Print as your no.1 table sticker advertising provider:

✓Offers the widest coverage in Malaysia with 2,730 F&B participating outlets including mamak eateries, food courts, hawkers centre, cafes, college/university cafeterias and many more.

✓Up to 265,783 tables available to paste table stickers.

✓The first and only flyers company in Malaysia to be ISO certified

✓The first and only flyers company to land a place in the “Malaysia book of records”

✓Most awarded flyers company in Malaysia through the nomination and trust given by all of our clients in the market

✓A seasoned printing company with 17 years of experience since 2003

✓Trusted by more than 15,000 (and counting) SMEs, listed companies, GMCs, F&B chains, education fields, developers, finance fields, automobiles, and many more throughout SEA

✓100% support and transparency with our very own building, landline and contact details for clients to reach out to us any day, anytime

✓Professionally trained and disciplined staffs with ISO certified SOP

✓Go through a hassle-free marketing campaign and impress your boss by engaging and hiring the services of an efficient team that produces high-quality results