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Why Marketing Is Important?

Why Marketing Is Important?

The basis of marketing for any business is to build brand awareness and attracting customers. In the current business environment, marketing is no longer “working with sales teams”, it is the single most important factor for growing a business and generating sales.

The bottom line of any business is to make money and marketing is an essential channel to reach that end goal. Marketing plays very important role for the success of the organization which is something that can take hours to begin and a lifetime to master.

1) Marketing Sells

Strategic marketing helps generate income for your business. You can’t make a sale if no one knows about your products or services. That does not necessarily mean that you can automatically generate sales by just placing your product on an internet or including an advertisement in newspaper. Marketing should takes strong research to understand WHO your audience is and the best channels to reach them.

We need to inform people about our product or service and influence their thought process. Emails showcasing new releases or social media posts alerting customers to an upcoming sale that help local consumers find you are a few examples of how we can use marketing to build the kind of awareness that generates revenue.

2) Brand Recognition

The primary benefit of marketing is brand recognition. No one knows about your product or service unless you advertise and marketing strategies help to imprint a brand in the minds of consumers. Brand recognition allows your products or services to reach a wider audience, which helps in fostering brand loyalty.


Brand recognition is a key factor for successful business. It truly can be the deciding factor in whether or not a consumer chooses to reach out to you or one of your competitors. Marketing is a huge factor for building and maintaining a positive brand image which can help establish credibility, build trust and engender goodwill toward company.

3) Grows Businesses

Marketing is key to ensuring the growth of your business. Marketing in many ways is like a security blanket for your business, ensuring that you keep going and keep growing. Regardless of the specific situation, it is going to require difference strategic marketing to be able to support the growth of your business.

Marketing is for all business.Whether you are a small, medium, or even large business, you need marketing. Marketing is how you attract those customers in the first place. If you successfully educate customers, create a strong reputation in their minds and smartly sell to them, your business will most likely do well.

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Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing Can Work Together?

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing Can Work Together?

Traditional marketing is an approach in which marketers identify their audience and place ads where their audience will interact with them offline, such as print ads, billboards, or television advertisements. Digital marketing is facilitated online ads on social media or search engines, as well as email marketing, website marketing, and video marketing, to name a few.

Traditional Marketing

1) More Memorable

Before era digital, traditional marketing still very much has a place in a consumer’s day to day life such as television advertisements. A visually TV commercial is a normal part of most people’s day to day lives and ads memories easily implanted inside the brain. Compare to digital marketing, a beautiful and impressive window display is more likely to stay in your mind than an social media ad you’ll probably scroll past in seconds.

2) Create Mass Effect

Traditional marketing is harder to ignore. You can surround your prospect with your brand, message and products via a public multi-media campaign like TV, billboards, buses, and etc. Out in public, your potential for brand exposure to the mass market is enormous.

Digital Marketing

1) Direct To Consumer

Traditional marketing has no direct interaction with the consumer. Unlike social media marketing, you’re more or less in the dark about your audience’s reaction to your marketing efforts. Digital marketing brings direct communication with your current customers to keep the relationship alive while continuing to bring value. It also allows you to adapt to market demands at all times and respond more effectively.

2) Cost-effective

One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is that it is cost-effective. Digital marketing helps save money and obtain more leads. With traditional marketing methods, it’s difficult for small-to-mid-size businesses to compete with larger companies to allocate for TV ads, radio spots, and more. This makes it hard for small businesses to compete with these larger companies.

Why Not Both ?

As a conclusion, the main difference between traditional and digital marketing is the medium through which an audience encounters a marketing message. Both play an important role in a marketing strategy and the key to a great marketing campaign is to find the right balance between traditional and digital marketing.

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3 Practical Leaflet Distribution Tips That Actually Work

3 Practical Leaflet Distribution Tips That Actually Work

3 Practical Leaflet Distribution Tips That Actually Work

There are many ways to advertise your business, and it has been proven leaflets have been an effective form of advertising for many years. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), 89 per cent of people remember a leaflet which has been dropped through their door.

Many other forms of advertising, like TV or radio ads, do not have the same engagement levels as leaflets. People always disregard those types of ads or change the channel when they come on. At the very least, leaflet guarantee your brand is put in front of target market’s eyes.

Use the right way for leaflet distribution and you can create an invaluable marketing tool that’ll help make your promotion a success.

1) Choosing The Right Leaflet Distribution Organization

Just in the event that you didn’t have a clue, you can find outsider leaflet distribution that help you out with your leaflet distribution. As the first (and only company, as of 2017) with ISO-certified flyer distribution service, SBS Prints offer brand and businesses comprehensive direct marketing solutions to communicate directly to target audiences through a variety of media including leaflet distribution.

Why makes SBS Prints stand out among competitors? We provide an effective location-specific marketing campaigns and also cost-effective production and advertising. Furthermore, SBS Prints working on making client experience with them easier with GPS tracking of distribution truck location and SMS updates on distribution times and changes.

2) Target The Right Potential Audience

Leaflet distributions make you choose the most responsive audience of the campaign and distributing leaflets on a regular basis will make people pay attention to your brand. However, your customer will most likely not need your services as soon as they receive their first leaflet or even second and third. In fact, they may actually ignore your marketing efforts at first.

But the thing is that by delivering leaflets on a regular basis will help build recognition of your brand. When the customers you’re targeting need the services you provide, you will be the first company they think of, because your leaflet have been creating a first impressions in their mind.

3) Customize Your Leaflet

When it comes to leaflet themes and design, you can customize your leaflets the way you want to.

Consumers see so much advertising from other companies, so it is important that your leaflet stands out among the rest. To do this, you need to differentiate your advertising by making your leaflet different and make a lasting impression on your target customers.

Just like with SBS Prints, we have a professional team creating a fast execution from design to delivery. We endeavour to exceed beyond our customers’ expectations and hand your project over to our full-time dedicated team, your campaign will soar as a result of their knowledge and wherewithal.

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Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Your Business

Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Your Business

Nowadays, digital marketing services have revolutionized the world of marketing, throwing the traditional ways out of the window. According to survey results, as much as 72% of consumers are already connecting with brands through their various digital marketing channels and activities.

In the modern world, the internet tops that list and this makes every business in need of digital marketing. Here the three clear reasons why digital marketing can help you grow your business:

1) Flexibility

There are many forms and uses of high quality digital marketing, including banner ads, social media posts, email marketing, etc. Compare to traditional marketing advertisement is announced to the public, in a newspaper ad or in the form of a commercial, digital marketing is a more focused endorsement, only advertising to more narrowed group of willing subscribers.

Thus with digital marketing,  the narrow focused of digital marketing has a greater chance of targeting an interested audience and open up a wide range of possibilities for future publicity strategies. Meanwhile, digital marketing also have the flexibility of testing and stopping poorly performing campaigns in real time.

2) Affordability

Digital marketing is considerably less expensive than traditional marketing methods. Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report which highlights key findings shows that up to 40% of respondents claimed to get considerable savings by using digital marketing methods of promotion for their products and services.

In addition, most of the SME have limited cost in marketing strategies and this is why digital marketing provides them with a much more cost-effective marketing channel that delivers a better marketing results.

3) Interactivity

Digital marketing making customers come to you. Whether your customer lives in the city or village, at day or night, digital marketing always has got your back. In this day and age, everyone has a cell phone and access to the internet to let you communicate directly with the customers who see your content, notably through website, messages, and social media posts.

Anyone in anywhere in the world, will be able to locate you. You can offer your services and products to a wider customer base at a fraction of the cost. This shows that digital marketing is the most minimum-effort form of marketing to help expand your business and brand recognition around the world.

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Conquer Digital Marketing with Google Ads

Conquer Digital Marketing with Google Ads

Learn how marketers are gaining brand awareness and eyeballs with ease online
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Digital marketing is all the rage amongst marketers and business owners these days. The higher the number of businesses engaging in digital marketing, the more competitive it will be. Thus, it is no surprise if small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or even entrepreneurs are second-guessing digital marketing as they would interpret it as a complicated prospect.

What if we told you that you can conquer digital marketing without needing years of studying nor having to burn a hole in your pocket? There is a secret tool that has been used amongst the big brands and professionals in engaging customers via digital marketing for years — and it is known as Google Ads.

What is Google Ads?

Before we start, let us look at what exactly is Google Ads and how it can help you to market and shout out your brand to the public online. Google ads is a platform where business owners and brands can invest in to reach new customers and engage with their existing ones while growing their business via digital marketing. This is effectively done by driving traffic from the search engine to their own website.

Why use Google Ads?

With so many platforms for online advertising, it is normal to get overwhelmed when choosing the right one for your business. What makes Google Ads the preferred platform is that you are able to see results almost immediately after you have set up a campaign for your ads.

With that said, let’s look at some of the top benefits of using Google Ads:

1.     Google has a Wide Reach

One of the biggest advantages of using Google Ads is the opportunity to tap into its vast reach of audience. This is particularly essential for new startups or even SMEs who are looking to create brand awareness in the public’s eye. With Google Ads’ display network, this can be achieved in the speed of light with a low-cost budget, thus giving you the same advantage as the professionals as you now have access to the same pool of customers as they do. 

2.     Conquer the Largest Search Engine Platform

Google Ads has become the go-to platform for businesses solely for its power in boosting brands and businesses up the ladder when it comes to search engine results. With the use of relevant keywords for your industry that is selected within the platform, your website can easily be displayed as the top page on Google’s search engine — thus allowing you to gain numerous eyeballs effortlessly.

3.     Have Full Control of Your Ad Campaigns

One of the things that make most marketers or business owners pause when it comes to Google Ads is the process of setting up campaigns for the product or service that they would like to advertise in the platform. Most have the perception that the process is lengthy and complex, but we are here to convince you otherwise. With the automated process and step-by-step guidance given in the platform, your campaign can be set up and running in less than an hour!

Here is the flow to set up your very own ad campaign in Google Ads:

  1.     Decide the product/service you would like to advertise online

  2.     Create a copy that you would like to share with the public

  3.     Set a budget for your campaign

  4.     Wait for your campaign to go live on Google

  5.     Track your progress via Google Ads platform

Should you find the process to be time-consuming, you may also opt to hire an agency that specialises in digital marketing to handle your campaigns in the platform on behalf of your brand or business.

4.     Set Your Own Price

The beauty of using Google Ads is the ability for you to control the cost you would like to allocate for your campaigns. This is due to the fact that the platform allows you to decide how much you would like to spend monthly on a campaign based on a given performance graph. If your ad is performing well, you may increase the budget on it to increase the results and ROI of said ad. However, on the occasion where an ad is underperforming, then you may decrease your budget spent on it.

5.     Gain Faster Results than SEO

No doubt that search engine optimization (SEO) is the best practice to increase traffic to your website, but it may take some time before you are able to see the results — with some even taking years for your page to be placed within the first page of Google. With Google Ads, you are able to advance relatively faster compared to the other organic results when it comes to landing on the first page of Google.

On that note, it is safe to say that when it comes to Digital Marketing, Google Ads is the cheat sheet that will allow you to receive immediate results and with a budget of your own choosing, thus making it a breeze for you to achieve brand awareness and to get instant ROI on your ads online. With the information given above, you are now hours away from conquering digital marketing — all by creating your very own campaign within the platform!

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Door Drop Marketing 101: What You Should Know More About Door Drops

Door Drop Marketing 101: What You Should Know More About Door Drops

Despite the current trend of business digitalisation, leaflet distribution is still a popular choice for the advertising world. Over 80% of advertisers use leaflet distributions to ensure their marketing materials to be distributed into the potential consumers’ hand. Statistics show that a leaflet stays at home for 34 days on average, which displays the effectiveness of door drops to increase the sales conversions for your business.

When should I use door drop marketing?

No matter which industry you are from, it is effective for every business to attract potential consumers anytime by using door drops. Door drop marketing is applicable for all-year round, yet it is wise to maximize the door drop effort on festivals where people tend to shop more for the celebration, such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

What should I include in the door drops?

It is sensible to create engaging copies and visual presentations for your leaflets if you would like to improve on the effectiveness of the campaigns. A good leaflet should include an engaging headline, great offer to entice calls to actions, bullet points to show what’s being offered, clear relatable images, and obvious calls to action.

How can I maximize the effectiveness of door drop campaigns?

First, decide your marketing goal and draft out the marketing budget. Second, create alluring sales copies for the leaflets. Third, design a leaflet with an attractive visual presentation. Fourth, choose the relevant geographical areas to distribute leaflets. Fifth, use SBS Prints as your service provider to design, print, and deliver leaflets. Sixth, ask your consumers how they learn about you. Seventh, gauge your marketing campaigns with metrics. Eighth, discuss ways to optimise the cost of the next marketing campaigns. Lastly, make relevant changes on leaflets/areas for the coming campaigns.

In conclusion, door drop marketing undeniably plays an important role in the advertising world. Although we are currently in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, where many operations are either automated or digitalised, it does not mean that door drops should be eliminated or ignored at all. 

Experiment door drop campaigns with SBS Prints and you will be amazed by the results. Our business still resumes during CMCO to offer an array of services such as bunting/banner printing and installation, leaflet and pamphlet distribution, newspaper and mail insertion methods and many more services.SBS Print is the leading offline & online marketing company in Malaysia with over 17 years of experience in the industry. As the first ever ISO certified flyer distribution and banner printing company in Malaysia, we are highly reliable and can definitely produce the highest-quality products that you desire.

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Improve your Business during the Pandemic with Facebook Marketing

Improve your Business during the Pandemic with Facebook Marketing

Find out why most brands are hopping to Facebook Marketing and how you can join in on the hype to boost your sales and increase brand awareness 

[KW: Facebook Marketing; Facebook Page; Product and Services; Marketing Strategy; Online Platform; Leads and Conversion]

With the current pandemic that we are facing, it is no surprise that most brands are shifting their focus on generating sales and building their brand awareness online. Curious on how most business leaders are making big bucks even during the pandemic? We have a solution for you, and it is called Facebook Marketing.

An eMarketer study reports that 95.8% of social media marketers consider Facebook as an essential tool in reaching media marketing success, particularly as according to, 2.5 billion people tend to use the platform every month.

Impressed? It only gets better from here as shares that two-thirds of their users visit a local business Facebook Page at least once a week. With billions of people on the platform, chances of them coming across and interacting with your Facebook page is extremely high, thus inadvertently becoming a good marketing tool in boosting leads and conversions of your brand.

In our previous post, we have shown you the ropes on how to set up your brand’s very own Facebook Page and how to get them ranked high for your brand or business to be the talk of the town. With that settled, let us discuss how you can increase your leads and sales via the most used method online — Facebook Marketing.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Before we delve in deeper, do you know what Facebook Marketing really is all about? Well for a start, Facebook marketing is the usage of a Facebook page as a communications tool to reach out and engage with a brand’s target audience.

As the platform already provides the necessities needed, it is now easier than ever for brands and businesses to develop a fan base for their services and products — coupled with the right marketing strategy, this, in turn, will be able to increase the revenue of your business in no time.

Who is Facebook Marketing for?

With over 2.5 billion users monthly, Facebook is one of the best platforms for brands and businesses to create an online presence and to engage with their target audience. However, most believe that only big brands should have their own Facebook Page and market themselves on the platform as they already have a big fanbase.

We are here to let you know that if you are an SME (small medium-sized enterprises) or even an individual with a product or service to market and sell, Facebook Marketing is still the perfect fit for you as there is a high chance that your ideal target audience is already on the platform and has been on the lookout for a business that is similar to yours.

Read on to find out who can use Facebook Marketing:

  1.     Local businesses

Local businesses of any type should be using Facebook Marketing to market their products or services, especially as it is confirmed that two-thirds of Facebook users visit a local business Facebook Page at least once a week. Your brand’s Facebook Page can be used to attract locals within your area to check out your product or service and may even entice them to visit your store physically due to its proximity.

  1.     Organizations or Groups

Non-profit organizations or Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), public campaigns, and even political groups may also use Facebook Marketing to promote their services and to build up their brand awareness. The platform serves as the perfect medium for groups to interact and build a rapport with their target audience while inadvertently building a voice for their brand online.

  1.     Individuals

If you think Facebook Marketing is accessible only for household names and big corporations, you might want to think again. With the rise of influencers and micro-influencers, individuals with a product or service to market are also increasing. With Facebook Marketing, you will feel as though you have a virtual team to help you market your product and service to the right target audience with the right methods, even if you are a one-man show.

  1.     Brands

Brands with any kind of product or service will find that Facebook Marketing is the perfect platform for their business to thrive on. With the correct strategy and consistent postings, your target audience will easily be converted into engaging and enthusiastic fans of your brand. The platform is also helpful to shout out information to your target audience about your business such as a give-away contest or even a flash sale that you have planned.

How to Leverage from Facebook Marketing?

Now that you know what Facebook Marketing is all about and who can use the platform, let us look at how you can leverage off of it to boost your revenue and increase your brand awareness.
Read on for the top 3 most used strategy in mastering Facebook Marketing:

  1. Set your goals

As is with any marketing strategy, a goal is the first thing most marketers would set when setting up a marketing campaign. With a clear goal in mind for your brand or business, measuring your success rates and maintaining them will be easier. It is granted that when you market your business online, your goals might differ compared to if you were to market them traditionally. Thus, we have prepared 3 of the most used goals of Facebook Marketing:

  •       Increase Leads and Conversions
  •       Increase brand awareness
  •       Increase community engagement
  1. Know your Target Audience

Almost every brand or business on Facebook has a goal of building a good rapport with their target audience, this is mostly done by engaging with them through the contents posted. To do so, you must first get to know and understand your target audience. Fortunately for you, Facebook now lets you do this via Facebook Audience Insights.

With this powerful tool, you can now access even the tiniest detail about your target audience and other potential customers such as:

  •       Age
  •       Gender
  •       Location
  •       Language
  •       Past purchasing activity
  •       Facebook usage
  •       Education
  •       Relationship status
  1. Create and Plan Engaging Contents

Once you have set your goals and have got to know your target audience better, the next step is to create and plan out engaging contents for your Facebook Page. Granted that Facebook Marketing is all about increasing your leads and conversions, but when all you do is to promote your product or service, chances of your target audience getting tired of your page are extremely high.

Building a good rapport with your target audience is all about building relationships, which is why it is not advisable for you to only focus on promoting your products. To feed their curiosity about your brand, give out information about your products or even a behind the scenes video of how your services are carried out. This will help in keeping your followers engaged and thus increasing your number of likes and shares.

To sum it up, Facebook Marketing is a powerful strategy that can help to generate leads and conversions for your brand or business, especially when we are amid battling COVID-19. With the strategies shown above and by using Facebook as your marketing platform, you won’t have to worry about cutting back or accepting a decline in your revenue.

You will find that there are many potential target audiences on this platform that is eager to engage and purchase a product or service your business has to offer. With the above steps, you are sure to be able to tap into your existing customers in no time.

COVID-19 Lockdown Is the Best Time to Invest In Door Drops

COVID-19 Lockdown Is the Best Time to Invest In Door Drops

The pandemic catalyzes the offline to online transformation of businesses. It is especially shown in term of marketing campaigns conducted by marketers. Too many enterprises emphasize on online marketing, yet very few see the possibilities of offline marketing to enable the businesses thrive during pandemic. Contrary to popular misconceptions that offline marketing is old-fashioned and ineffective, door drop campaigns actually yield the results to convert sales for businesses during lockdown.  

How do door drops help with boosting sales conversion for business?

Despite the difficulty to track the ROI from door drops, most of the people are stuck at home during lockdown. With many people that work from home, such condition means a ready audience group for door drop campaigns, which people may have more time to check their home mailboxes and read the contents from door drops. Door drops may also help to deliver messages to those who do not have access to online services and technology, especially for elderies and vulnerable communities. Therefore, all intended audience group is covered and no one is neglected during the marketing campaigns.

Moreover, there are statistics and testimonials that indirectly show the effectiveness of door drop marketing, including:

  • People interact with door drops 4.21 times during lockdown compared to the period prior to lockdown.
  • Each door drop have stayed in the home for up to 9.5 days in average, the increase is shown compared to the data before lockdown.
  • A charity organization claimed to receive over RM160, 000 as funds during door drop campaigns, much more than it normally would in telemarketing efforts.

The best time to carry out the door drop campaign is NOW.

The pandemic is one of the most challenging times for most businesses.  Many businesses wish to execute effective marketing campaigns, yet very few know how to stand out in term of marketing. By recognising the values of door drops during lockdown, your business would take competitive advantage to thrive among the pool of competitors. 

Our business still resumes during CMCO to offer an array of services such as bunting/banner printing and installation, leaflet and pamphlet distribution, newspaper and mail insertion methods and many more services. SBS Print is the leading offline & online marketing company in Malaysia with over 17 years of experience in the industry. As the first ever ISO certified flyer distribution and banner printing company in Malaysia, we are highly reliable and can definitely produce the highest-quality products that you desire.

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Why Your Company Should Implement Brand Storytelling and How to Do It

Why Your Company Should Implement Brand Storytelling and How to Do It

Many emphasize how important brand storytelling is, yet few know how to tell great stories about their brands. “Storytelling” becomes a buzzword among the marketers, and almost every brand attempts to work on storytelling so that they can outperform their competitors. However, the process is not easy as many businesses have no idea of why and how their businesses should do storytelling on their brands. In the beginning, your business should have figured out reasons why storytelling is important for your brand.

Telling stories enables a brand to simplify complex ideas. When people come across new ideas, it is normal for them to feel confused, and even repelled by the novelty. To address that, your brand should play a role to guide them with a simpler explanation, which the simplest way can be done via stories. By telling stories about your brand, people are likely to buy into your product, as they start sorting out the concepts about what your brand is doing, which used to be difficult for them to understand at first glance.

Moreover, stories unite people together. Since the prehistoric era, people know how to tell stories so to display their thoughts and imaginations, even just by drawing them on the cave walls. Nowadays people verbalize their stories anywhere, especially on TVs and online videos. Sharing stories brings out the commonality in humans that everyone has feelings and emotions. The pain and pleasure throughout life may enable the audience to identify themselves as characters in the stories if storytelling techniques are done properly. By doing so, you engage and involve your intended consumers into the brand experience, which then convert into your sales figure.

Third, stories are often inspiring and motivating. If a brand conveys its message in a down-to-earth tone,  it could bring people to feel connected and related to the brand.  Especially when brands are willing to let people know about their struggles and challenges, people are more related to these brands, as lives are never perfect. By showing how a business overcomes its challenges, it taps into people’s hearts to believe themselves for the change that they want to see. Such storytelling techniques create positive association for the brand, which implies the possibility of people to achieve what they desire by purchasing the products.

Knowing reasons is not enough, it is more important to master the best tactics of brand storytelling. There are four tactics that you can follow while making your brand story. By following these steps, your brand could leave a long-lasting impression to your intended audience.

First, guide your audience to identify with your brand story.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood. In order to introduce your brand to your intended consumers, do your research on your intended consumers and set your tone which they may be utmost receptive as possible by defining what may interest your audience. 

For example, you may use analogies or metaphors that your audience may relate to. By utilising those universal words that everyone can understand, it is effective for your brand to deeply penetrate into people’s mind.

Second, invite them into your story.

A great brand storyteller knows how to lead his audience to simulate the experience in his story. Offer your audience a role, so that they may put themselves into the shoes as users. It is important to research about your audience’s background, desires and needs before pulling them into your brand story.

Third, embrace conflict (and resolve it).

Conflict is a necessary element in your brand story. A story without conflict should not be considered as a story, rather it is a very plain statement. People actually like to see conflict and how the characters in the story resolve the conflict. Resolving the conflict is even more important than creating the conflict as humans are eager for completeness. 

Bad things happen a lot of time. Brands or companies are not excluded from negative events as well, such as fierce competition and layoff. Be honest and include the problems into your story, and your audience will appreciate it. People do not expect your brand to be perfect, but are intrigued by how your brand overcomes these challenges.

Last but not least, create patterns of your brand story that your audience may follow through.

With consistent patterns of brand story, it brings a consistent message to your consumers about who you are and what you do. It will be easier for people to connect the dots with consistency, which makes people more receptive to relate themselves to the mission and vision of your brand. When consumers understand your product and even how your products can benefit them, it is no longer a difficult task for you to turn those who understand your products into sales figures that you wish to see.

Grow your business brand by storytelling techniques with SBS Print, especially many offline marketing tactics are still relevant and effective. Gliding through new norms, it is tempting to drop out the marketing initiatives yet by doing so your business will be at risk of falling behind. You may be dropping out but your competitors aren’t. 

Our business still resumes during CMCO to offer an array of services such as bunting/banner printing and installation, leaflet and pamphlet distribution, newspaper and mail insertion methods and many more services. SBS Print is the leading offline & online marketing company in Malaysia with over 17 years of experience in the industry. As the first ever ISO certified flyer distribution and banner printing company in Malaysia, we are highly reliable and can definitely produce the highest-quality products that you desire.

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How to Increase Your Sales Conversion Using Advertising Framework: AIDA Model

How to Increase Your Sales Conversion Using Advertising Framework: AIDA Model

Many businesses wish to boost more sales. Very few know how to effectively close sales. To get more customers, it is important to have a strategic approach on advertising efforts. There are many frameworks that advertisers may refer to when carrying out advertising initiatives on their products or services.

One of the well-known frameworks widely used by advertisers is the AIDA model. The AIDA model describes the stages that are gone through by consumers before coming to the purchase decision. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. During these four stages, your advertising effort will ideally obtain attention to your brand, generate interest in your product, stimulate a desire for it, and spur action to buy it. 

Such a framework is not limited to online or offline marketing efforts, which many advertisers prefer to use as part of their advertising strategy. To come up with a good advertising strategy, here’s how you can implement the AIDA framework:

#1: Attract Attention

It is important to create copies and visual presentations that manage to grab people’s attention, which then elicits engagement with your target audience. In this stage, the consumers are curious about what your company does, which leads them to ask “What” questions.  This stage is mainly to increase your brand awareness.

Advertising billboards could be a good example to attract people’s attention. You may ask yourself a lot of “What is this?” questions in front of those billboards, especially when they give out vague messages yet are visually appealing. This is an effective strategy that means to increase brand awareness

#2: Generate Interest

Once you manage to elicit curiosity in your target consumers, they would like to learn more about the benefits of your solution, and how the product may benefit them. In this stage, the target audience should think “I like it.” When coming across your brand.  While you manage to capture people’s attention in the first stage, you should retain attention during this stage.

Your marketing effort can be considered a great start if your targeted audience are drawn to learn about their own pain points, problems, or needs. This is when you can “hook” them with engaging storytelling techniques which demonstrate your products/ service as an effective solution. People often may relate themselves with stories. By telling stories, it enables the brands to stimulate empathy and curiosity.

#3: Stimulate Desire

People tend to go for the products or services that they trust. The goal of this stage is to let consumers think “I want it” when coming across your products or services.  This stage is about maintaining trust that has already been established. This is when you keep creating marketing contents that keep your products in your consumers’ eyeballs continuously. Eventually, they will buy your product or service by creating more interactions between your products and them.

Your brand should have established relationships with prospects who already envision a future with your products — they already foresee how they use your products, and how they enjoy using your products so much. Without any further hesitation, you should be swift to close the gap between where they are and where they could be with your solution. In this stage, it is important to put up contents that are related to social proof, such as case studies and testimonials.

#4: Spur Into Action

In this stage, you should establish call-to-actions and provide your target consumers channels to purchase your products or services. After all, there is no point to keep creating contents and building relationships while there isn’t any clear next step for people to act upon. The goal for this stage is to get people to think, “I’m getting it.”, which leads them to the purchase. The call-to-actions should be as frictionless as possible so to maximise the sales conversion rates among consumers.

You can provide a straightforward purchase link such as WhatsApp messengers or website portals that support payment channels when creating call-to-actions for people to purchase. As long as it eliminates friction as much as possible, people would be very glad to take out their money as they already establish deep relationships with your brands and at the same time they envision themselves to have better lives when using your services or products.

The AIDA model is a great framework to guide you to envision the buyer’s journey, in which you as an advertiser know how to influence people for purchase decisions. Experiment with the AIDA framework  and grow your business brand with SBS Print, especially many offline marketing tactics are still relevant and effective. Gliding through new norms, it is tempting to drop out the marketing initiatives yet by doing so your business will be at risk of falling behind. You may be dropping out but your competitors aren’t. 

Our business still resumes during CMCO to offer an array of services such as bunting/banner printing and installation, leaflet and pamphlet distribution, newspaper and mail insertion methods and many more services. SBS Print is the leading offline & online marketing company in Malaysia with over 17 years of experience in the industry. As the first ever ISO certified flyer distribution and banner printing company in Malaysia, we are highly reliable and can definitely produce the highest-quality products that you desire.

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