Flyer Distribution

As every community has the potential to be a valuable market for your business, a good flyer distribution service makes for the perfect method to reach these communities no matter where they are situated. If you are keen to hire the services of a reputable and trusted flyer distribution service in Malaysia, then look no further than the SBS flyers distribution team.

As the first and only company in Malaysia with an ISO-certified flyer distribution service, our flyer delivery solution will work wonders in helping you to broadcast, promote, and enrich your business or special events.

With an effective modus operandi in place, we take your flyers directly to the letterbox while targeting the exact category of people and communitythat your products, services, or events are dedicated to, thus helping to amplify your brand and deliver what you have to offer throughout the nation.

Does Flyer Distribution Still Work in this Digital Era?

Flyer distribution used to be a go-to method for most business owners when it comes to promoting products and services. However, as we move further into the digital era, does the flyer distribution service still have a solid stand in the marketing world?

Contrary to popular beliefs, flyers are still an efficient marketing tool as shown by DMA (Data & Marketing Association) statistics — proving that when it comes to advertising, physical presence is just as significant as any sought-after digital marketing methods.

Still have doubts? Then check out these statistics by DMA below:

  • 57%of people opened an addressed flyer when it just arrived
  • 8% opened it within 28 days
  • 5%read/looked/glanced at it and 23% did so within 28 days
  • Leaflets and flyers are revisited 6 times, on average

4 Big Benefits

Here are 4 of the major benefits of flyer distribution service : 

location-specific marketing campaigns

With a flyer distribution service, you can target specific audiences in specific regions as we allow you to select specific demographics such as financial status.  This allows your ads to get noticed by hard to reach target audiences who are not accessible via online marketing.

The most
cost-effective form of advertising

Unlike the expensive world of online media advertising and the constant need to pay for advertising spaces online, flyers are extremely cost-effective and can provide a high return on investment as you don’t need to have a huge budget for a flyer distribution service. The price starts from just RM0.03/pc.

Fast execution from design to delivery

Printing flyers are simple, all it takes is a well-designed logo and a catchy tagline.  That, coupled with a few vital information about your brand or business, will generate a compelling call-to-action result and increase the likelihood of your target audiences taking a wanted action on your ads.

Physical business presence and long lasting impression

Handing out flyers to your target audiences allows them to have something physical that belongs to your brand. Unlike fleeting online ads that can fade into the background, a solid reminder of your brand will last longer in the minds of your target audiences and thus will generate higher leads and conversions

5 Unique Features that Make us Win our Clients’ Hearts

Discover unique features when you pick us as your distributors:

Just give us a ring and we will pick up your printed flyers for distribution.

Receive 2-3 times SMS / WhatsApp notifications per day to keep you updated on the distribution status of your flyers.

If you need to snap a photo or even survey on how our team is working, then you are welcomed to follow our team while they are distributing your flyers for the day.

Uniquely designed GPS route logging devices allows us to track the delivery of every distribution team to give you absolute peace of mind.

We provide a full GPS report upon completion of the flyer deliveries with detailed information on all the streets covered.