Pocket Tissue Advertising

Pocket tissue marketing was developed in Japan as a form of advertisement in the late 1960s. It has grown to become one of the cheapest and cost-effective ways of getting your information or brand directly into the hands of the potential buyers.

The concept behind pocket tissue printing is to get people to see or read the adverts imprinted in the pocket-sized tissue. Often, pocket tissues are offered as a gift and not sold to the consumers. In a survey carried out, 76% of the people said they would accept a free pocket tissue while over half of the participants affirm that they would read the adverts written in it.

At SBSprint, we help to develop eye-catching custom designs with a proven high rate of acceptance. Also, we will distribute your printed ads tissue right to the set of people you need as your customers. Moreover, we consider their demographics while carrying out our pocket tissue printing services in Malaysia.


Long-term exposure with high retention

Makes a great option for gift advertising

Practical and preferred by audiences


Direct delivery to specific locations

Multiple types of tissue packs for different purposes

Why you should Use Pocket Tissue Printing for your Business Advert

The objective of every advertisement is to create awareness for your brands, increase your customer, and automatically improve sales. However, pocket tissue marketing has specific advantages which we have enumerated below;

Higher Acceptance Rate

Everybody likes the gift, most especially when it’s useful to them and come in artistic designs. Pocket tissues stand a higher chance of being accepted more than flyers and bills. Also, while many people accept flyers, they never get to read whatever information it contains before they discard it. However, with tissue printing, the consumer doesn’t only accept the pocket tissue but also get to read whatever ads it carries.


It is relatively cheaper to produce tissue printing, and besides the cost of production, it offers you high value for money compared to several other advertisement methods.

Straight into Consumers’ Hand

If you post banners or feature your advertisement in a newspaper, the probability that the right category of the audience you target will read it is very slim. Since tissue printings are presented a gift to the target audience, it gets straights into their hand which makes your advert more effective, unlike the other orthodox advertisement methods.

Fast Delivery

Our method for distributing tissue printing is swift and very reliable. We understand that our customers need to get to their potential customers ahead of their competitors. As such, tissue printing is very fast to distributing considering that a lot of people will thankfully accept it.

Improved Information Retention

Information imprinted in tissues has higher retention since consumers will be using it for a considerate long time. Thus, they see the information more than once which will increase their chances of retaining whatever ads it carries.

Do you want to create awareness for your brands?

Are you willing to be steps ahead of competitors?

Does your business want to meet their advertisement goals without shooting over the budget?

Then get in touch with SBS today, and we will surely help you turn your brand into a household name through our laser pocket tissue printing. We distribute to any parts of Malaysia at pocket-friendly prices.

Tissue Distribution

Silver Type Tissue

Gold Type Tissue

Wallet Type Tissue

Platinum Type Tissue

Tube Type Tissue

Ezi Pack Tissue

3 Simple Work Process

Get your Tissue Advertising done in 3 simple steps:


Submit your design source files to us for checking.


We print your artwork according to the agreed format, specifications, and quantity.


We distribute your marketing materials to your targeted audience in targeted locations.