Are Flyers Still Relevant in this Digital Era?

Flyer distribution used to be a go-to method for most business owners when it comes to promoting products and services. Nevertheless, does the flyer distribution service still has a solid stand in the marketing world as we move further into the digital era?

Many tend to believe that flyer distribution is obsolete, particularly in this age where digital flyers and multiple other digital marketing strategies are all the rage with advertisers. Despite that, printed promotions are still thriving and 68% of the public admits they tend to pay more attention to printed advertisements compared to those online. This goes to show that flyers and other methods of printed promotions are still in demand and having them as part of your marketing campaign is vital — particularly for new businesses or brands.

Does Flyer Distribution Still Work?

Despite the rise of digital marketing, flyers are still an efficient marketing tool as shown by DMA (Data & Marketing Association) statistics — proving that when it comes to advertising, printed promotions are just as significant as any sought-after digital marketing methods.

These statistics by DMA proves that flyer distribution is still in the game:

  • 57%of people opened an addressed flyer when it just arrived
  • 8% opened it within 28 days
  • 5%read/looked/glanced at it and 23% did so within 28 days
  • ✔Leaflets and flyers are revisited 6 times, on average

6 Reasons to opt for a Flyer Distribution Service

1. The Most Cost-Effective Form of Advertising

Unlike the expensive world of online media advertising and the constant need to pay for advertising spaces online, flyers are extremely cost-effective and can provide a high return on investment as you don’t need to have a huge budget for a flyer distribution service.

2. Effective location-specific marketing campaigns

When you opt for a flyer distribution service with us, you can target specific audiences in specific regions as we allow you to select specific demographics such as age or financial status.  This allows your ads to get noticed by hard to reach target audiences who are not accessible via online marketing.

3. Fast execution from design to delivery

Printing flyers are simple, all it takes is a well-designed logo and a catchy tagline.  That, coupled with a few vital information about your brand or business, will generate a compelling call-to-action result and increase the likelihood of your target audiences taking a wanted action on your ads.

4. Create a physical business presence for a lasting effect

Handing out flyers to your target audiences allows them to have something physical that belongs to your brand. Unlike fleeting online ads that can fade into the background, a solid reminder of your brand will last longer in the minds of your target audiences and thus will generate higher leads and conversations.

5. Generate high leads and conversions

We all can relate to having deleted a marketing email before we even open them, that is the downside when it comes to using marketing email as part of your marketing tool.  Unlike those, flyers tend to grab the attention of audiences more and they will not be as quick in wanting to trash it. This makes it apparent that flyer distribution is an efficient marketing tool that can generate high leads and conversion rates — particularly when the flyers are distributed at the right place and time.

6. Building Trust with your Target Audiences

Distributing flyers straight to your target audiences allows you to build trust between your brand and them as you get to explain about your business in more detail to them. To top it off, once your target audience is convinced to take one of your flyers, chances are they will be invested in reading through the details first to quench their curiosity before disposing of your flyers, thus proving that flyer distribution is an efficient tool with a higher ROI compared to any one-time advertisments.

Why Hire us for a Flyer Distribution Service?

When you choose SBS Print’s flyer distribution team, we will plan out an effective distribution process that will help you to pull in new clients, deliver specific messages to your target audiences and increase your lead and conversion rates. Your flyers will be distributed at targeted locations that will benefit from your products or services  and we will track the progress and deliver a detailed report to you once distribution is done to ensure your flyers are received by your target audiences every time it is distributed. 


To sum it up, flyer distribution is still an efficient marketing tool that can be used to promote your brand or business in this age of digitalisation.  The many interesting and creative designs you can incorporate into your flyers will not only be a good way to authentically portray your brand, but it will also successfully capture your audience’s attention — thus leading to a higher lead and conversion rates with its quick turnaround nature. This goes to show that a good flyer distribution does not only play a substantial role in marketing, but it can even outdo any digital marketing advertising when done the right way.