Bunting and Banner Printing Installation

Printed advertising has always been the no.1 go-to method for 76% of business owners and advertisers alike. As a method that is highly effective, direct, and extremely cost-effective, printed advertisements are a reliable advertising method even in the digital era — and this includes bunting and banner advertising.

Banners are a particularly useful printed advertising method as they can be displayed in various locations, while their unique properties serve as the perfect technique for attracting new customers and keeping the company name and brand awareness alive.

What’s more, getting customized bunting and banner printed and installed does not only add exceptional value to special events, but it is also an impressive way to invite people to your events and have them remember it via the lasting effects of a banner and bunting. Its inexpensiveness — coupled with the fact that hundreds and thousands of passers-by will be able to view your banner or bunting daily — makes it a highly desirable form of advertising.

However, there is more to bunting and banner printing and installation than merely having it set up at a chosen venue and time. It requires effective planning, the right equipment as well as local advertisement permit to get the job done the right way.

4 Big Benefits

Here are 4 of the major benefits of bunting and banner printing and installation service:

Effective advertising for crowds who are on-the-go

Having appealing and eye-catching buntings displayed at strategic spots is a sure-fire way to get crowds who are usually busy to notice your ads — be it as they are commuting to work, buying groceries at the store, meeting clients in cafes or simply having a gathering with friends. What’s more, having your ad displayed constantly at certain spot results in 24 x 7 repeated exposure of passer-by and crowds towards your ads, particularly for buntings on streetlamps as drivers would have to pass by them on their commute daily.


Bunting, Banner Printing and Installation is Highly cost-effective with equally high results compared to other printed advertising methods. Malaysians spend an average of 53 minutes every day in traffic congestions, especially in Kuala Lumpur — that, coupled with the high volume of road users in the main city daily, is bound to get you an equally high volume of eyeballs of your buntings and banners when placed strategically around the city.

Can be reused

Your buntings and banners can be kept and reused again at the next event or function throughout the year for the same event provided its contents are not time sensitive, thus reducing your cost when planning a year-long or time-consuming marketing campaign in promoting products and services.

Provides credibility and professionalism

Having a curated bunting and banner made specifically for you will be able to portray your business in a professional and credible manner when promoting products and services towards your target audiences, as it is found that 60% of people tend to trust a business with proper buntings and banners more — especially during the launch of a product or service at events.

3 Unique Features that make us lead the market

Discover 3 unique features below when you choose our bunting and banner printing and installation service:

Full Registration

We are able to get Full registration with the right and appropriate authorities (Majlis Perbandaran, Majlis Bandaraya)

Full Proposal

We offer full proposal with a map provided once your target audience is identified

Speedy Dismantle

Buntings dismantled immediately after the expiry of a license to avoid fines

Bunting and Banner Installation service in Malaysia

At SBS Print, we start every bunting and banner printing and installation project with an in-house brainstorming process. This allows us to think outside the box and strategically plan a creative solution for your desired bunting and banner installation needs. We pride ourselves on having a team of professionals who know how best to use cutting-edge technologies such as cranes, lulls, and articulating man lift to reach impossible heights. We aim to give our absolute best when it comes to bunting or banner installation to be a household name for this service in Malaysia.

What Makes Us Different?

In addition to bunting and banner installations, we also specialize in designing, printing, and even dismantling any forms of bunting and banner with ease. Whether you are considering a roadside banner installation or even a bunting installation in high traffic locations in Malaysia, SBS Print is the right agency that will cater to your needs. All our services are executed to help you gain a wider reach and thus yield in higher leads and conversions. Get in touch with us today to find out more about bunting and banner printing and installation!

5 Simple Work Process

Get your bunting and banner printed and installed in 5 simple steps :

Apply for License

We apply for bunting and banner license from the local municipal authority to seek permission for public display. Approval of a license usually takes between 2-5 working days, depending on the local authority.


Submit your design source files to us for checking.


We print your artwork according to the agreed format, specifications, and quantity.


We install your bunting or banners in targeted locations.


We dismantle your bunting and banner post-event and ensure that they are properly handled.

9 Reasons To Choose SBS

Here are 9 reasons on why to consider SBS Print as your no.1 bunting and banner printing and installation provider:

✓The first and only company in Malaysia to be ISO certified

✓The first and only company to land a place in the “Malaysia book of records”

✓Most awarded company in Malaysia through the nomination and trust given by all of our clients in the market

✓Speedy delivery and no delay as we proceed within 24 hrs upon client’s submission

✓A seasoned printing company with 17 years of experience since 2003

✓Trusted by more than 15,000 (and still in counting) SMEs, listed companies, GMCs, F&B chains, education fields, developers, finance fields, automobiles, and many more throughout SEA

✓100% support and transparency with our very own building, landline and contact details for clients to reach out to us any day, anytime

✓Professionally trained and disciplined staffs with ISO certified SOP

✓Go through a hassle-free marketing campaign and impress your boss by engaging and hiring the services of an efficient team that produces high-quality results