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Newspaper Insertion

Newspaper Insertion

Newspaper inserts — also known as free-standing inserts or FSIs — are the single sheet ads or pamphlets placed in the centre of newspapers and are distributed to readers via targeted ZIP codes. This method undoubtedly offers a competitive edge to any flagship newspaper company for having similar benefits to that of a newspaper advertisement at a much lower cost.

Here at SBS print, we focus on utilizing the approach of custom-made advertising by offering the best newspaper insertion service throughout Malaysia, thus leveraging on the multitude of different languages and media preferences unique to the Malaysian population.

Our extensive and broad network of distribution (13 states, 37 main towns) and the quality of our service in delivery has turned us into a household name in Malaysia when it comes to newspaper insertion service. This inevitably helps to ensure that your organization enjoys precision in delivery, effective time management and a cost reduction in marketing campaigns —  giving you a higher return-on-investment (ROI) and aiding in creating awareness for your brand without breaking the bank.

3 Big Benefits of
Newspaper Insertion Service

Reaches audiences who have a high buying power

Our service allows you to create custom delivery target areas of your inserts to a specific target audience as we allow you to select specific demographics such as financial status. This allows you to target high-end locations with high purchasing power audiences to distribute your flyers via our newspaper insertion service.

Wider Reach

 Newspaper Insertion allows you to be able to reach gated & guarded communities via newspaper subscriptions. Most condominiums and gated guarded residences restrict the distribution of flyers. However, with newspaper insertions, your flyers can be distributed to your target prospects easily via newspaper distribution circulated within these areas.

Long Lasting Impression

A long-lasting impression of your business by target audiences can be achieved by newspaper insertion. As your prospect receives your flyers at home or office, chances are that they will leave your flyer somewhere that is easily noticeable such as on a table, and this allows family members or their colleagues to notice and read your flyers too. What’s more, according to a research study, 85% of the flyers will be kept in their premise for more than 90 – 120 days, thus increasing the chance of you generating a higher lead and conversion rate.

3 Unique Features

Discover below 3 unique features when you choose our newspaper insertion service:

Flyer Pick-up Service Before Insertion

Just give us a ring once your flyer is printed and we will take care of the rest

SMS / Whatsapp Updates

We will provide SMS / WhatsApp updates on distribution times and any required changes. Besides that, We will also notify you of the insertion of your flyers before and after the delivery is complete, or when there are any changes to the job due to any incidents.

Receive Report

A full report complete with photos will be provided once the insertion job is done.

6 Reasons Why you Should Choose Newspaper Insertion Service

You may not know it, but flyers distribution via the newspaper insertion method boasts several advantages over other forms of advertisement. Check out why you should join various business owners in opting for newspaper insertion service below:

Customized Marketing

Another distinct advantage of our newspaper insertion is our ability to create a custom delivery of your inserts to a specific area to reach your target audiences as we allow you to select specific demographics such as financial status. Our credibility is proven with over more than a decade of being in operation. So, the moment you provide us with your targeted area’s unique pin-code, you can trust us to deliver your ads with quality results as we distribute throughout the 13 states and 37 main towns in Malaysia.


Newspapers offer the best value for money (6x lower) when compared to traditional advertisement placement on any large newspaper outlets. Despite bringing in similar results, this method is relatively inexpensive compared to numerous other methods.

Room to Experiment

At SBS, we understand that each business has unique objectives that require an equally unique and specific approach. Our newspaper insertion service will grant you the opportunity to experiment by combining different methods in your marketing campaign. Thus, this will shield you against the risk of failure that may result when you finally carry out a mega launch for your business.

Retained Size and Quality

Despite being less costly than traditional ad placements, our newspaper insertion service does not sacrifice the quality and size of your inserts which presents additional value at no extra charges. Equal size and quality with newspapers can be easily met.

Wider Reach

For optimum results, you can cover specific localities through 9 English newspapers, 7 Malay newspapers, 8 Chinese newspapers and 3 Tamil newspapers — thereby enabling you to reach a wider audience at an extremely affordable cost.

Stand Out

Unlike newspaper adverts which can easily fade to the background amidst other adverts, your inserts have a better chance of being noticed as it stands alone instead of with a multitude of other adverts.

4 Steps Makes Us Different


Our first step is to carry out a broad discussion to get to know your business objectives before proceeding with printing and implementing our newspaper insertion method.

Brand strategy

Your ad can be of any size according to your goals as we target specific localities that are focused on the demographic you desire that matches the readership.


Our transparency allows you to get the proof of delivery via pictures as evidence of us carrying out our tasks.


You can also opt to be present on the day of the newspaper insertion service to ensure our tasks are carried out effectively and with quality.

4 Simple Work Process

Get your Newspaper Insertion Service done in 4 simple steps:


Submit your design source files to us for checking.


We print your artwork according to the agreed format, specifications, and quantity.


We insert your flyers into selected daily newspapers.


We distribute your flyers to your targeted audience in targeted locations within Malaysia.

9 Reasons To Choose SBS

Here are some of the reasons to choose SBS Print as your no.1 newspaper insertion provider:

✓The first and only flyers company in Malaysia to be ISO certified

✓The first and only flyers company to land a place in the “Malaysia book of records”

✓Most awarded flyers company in Malaysia through the nomination and trust given by all of our clients in the market

✓Speedy delivery and no delay as we proceed within 24 hrs upon client’s submission

✓A seasoned printing company with 17 years of experience since 2003

✓Trusted by more than 15,000 (and still counting) SMEs, listed companies, GMCs, F&B chains, education fields, developers, finance fields, automobiles, and many more throughout SEA

✓100% support and transparency with our very own building, landline and contact details for clients to reach out to us any day, anytime

✓Professionally trained and disciplined staffs with ISO certified SOP

✓Go through a hassle-free marketing campaign and impress your boss by engaging and hiring the services of an efficient team that produces high-quality results