Why Your Company Should Implement Brand Storytelling and How to Do It

Many emphasize how important brand storytelling is, yet few know how to tell great stories about their brands. “Storytelling” becomes a buzzword among the marketers, and almost every brand attempts to work on storytelling so that they can outperform their competitors. However, the process is not easy as many businesses have no idea of why and how their businesses should do storytelling on their brands. In the beginning, your business should have figured out reasons why storytelling is important for your brand.

Telling stories enables a brand to simplify complex ideas. When people come across new ideas, it is normal for them to feel confused, and even repelled by the novelty. To address that, your brand should play a role to guide them with a simpler explanation, which the simplest way can be done via stories. By telling stories about your brand, people are likely to buy into your product, as they start sorting out the concepts about what your brand is doing, which used to be difficult for them to understand at first glance.

Moreover, stories unite people together. Since the prehistoric era, people know how to tell stories so to display their thoughts and imaginations, even just by drawing them on the cave walls. Nowadays people verbalize their stories anywhere, especially on TVs and online videos. Sharing stories brings out the commonality in humans that everyone has feelings and emotions. The pain and pleasure throughout life may enable the audience to identify themselves as characters in the stories if storytelling techniques are done properly. By doing so, you engage and involve your intended consumers into the brand experience, which then convert into your sales figure.

Third, stories are often inspiring and motivating. If a brand conveys its message in a down-to-earth tone,  it could bring people to feel connected and related to the brand.  Especially when brands are willing to let people know about their struggles and challenges, people are more related to these brands, as lives are never perfect. By showing how a business overcomes its challenges, it taps into people’s hearts to believe themselves for the change that they want to see. Such storytelling techniques create positive association for the brand, which implies the possibility of people to achieve what they desire by purchasing the products.

Knowing reasons is not enough, it is more important to master the best tactics of brand storytelling. There are four tactics that you can follow while making your brand story. By following these steps, your brand could leave a long-lasting impression to your intended audience.

First, guide your audience to identify with your brand story.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood. In order to introduce your brand to your intended consumers, do your research on your intended consumers and set your tone which they may be utmost receptive as possible by defining what may interest your audience. 

For example, you may use analogies or metaphors that your audience may relate to. By utilising those universal words that everyone can understand, it is effective for your brand to deeply penetrate into people’s mind.

Second, invite them into your story.

A great brand storyteller knows how to lead his audience to simulate the experience in his story. Offer your audience a role, so that they may put themselves into the shoes as users. It is important to research about your audience’s background, desires and needs before pulling them into your brand story.

Third, embrace conflict (and resolve it).

Conflict is a necessary element in your brand story. A story without conflict should not be considered as a story, rather it is a very plain statement. People actually like to see conflict and how the characters in the story resolve the conflict. Resolving the conflict is even more important than creating the conflict as humans are eager for completeness. 

Bad things happen a lot of time. Brands or companies are not excluded from negative events as well, such as fierce competition and layoff. Be honest and include the problems into your story, and your audience will appreciate it. People do not expect your brand to be perfect, but are intrigued by how your brand overcomes these challenges.

Last but not least, create patterns of your brand story that your audience may follow through.

With consistent patterns of brand story, it brings a consistent message to your consumers about who you are and what you do. It will be easier for people to connect the dots with consistency, which makes people more receptive to relate themselves to the mission and vision of your brand. When consumers understand your product and even how your products can benefit them, it is no longer a difficult task for you to turn those who understand your products into sales figures that you wish to see.

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