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Burger King and PepsiCo are teaming up in Latin America to demonstrate the friendly authenticity of their brands, creating a humorous contrast to their biggest competitors in a video called “Rechazado” (“Rejected”).
Manchester City is continuing its pursuit of innovation having partnered with Google to stage a second hackathon centred on improving digital fan engagement between supporters around the world.
China’s top messaging app, with over 840 million active users, is trying something radical. WeChat is today rolling out “mini programs,” embedded apps which require no download or install.
Social media is one of the most important marketing tools your small business has to reach your audience because that’s where your customers spend their time.
If anything is going to convince a smoker to quit, it’s a judgmental, passive-aggressive, coughing billboard.
Advertising platform expects to hit the road in late January with Uber and GrabCar drivers.
The past few days saw the digital marketing world awaken from its postholiday slumber and really put out some eye-opening stats.
How big is China’s internet? If it’s a country it’ll be the third largest in the world.
2015年9月25日,柯润东正式辞去Michael Kors大中华区社交媒体经理的职位。走出MK纽约总部的大门,她想着,自己在MK有那么多经历,何不写下来记录一下。
While angry customers are a regular sight, very few brands actually put in any effort to win these customers back. …
Whether you love it or hate it, business promotion is an essential ingredient of successful entrepreneurship. It’s the key to …
If there is one tool that can be useful and helpful to you, it is Google AdWords. However, this is only the case if you use it in the right way.
SMS marketing is a cost-effective tool for small businesses to reach consumers on their mobile devices, but spamming your customers with unwanted texts is a good way to lose business fast.