Improve your Business during the Pandemic with Facebook Marketing

Find out why most brands are hopping to Facebook Marketing and how you can join in on the hype to boost your sales and increase brand awareness 

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With the current pandemic that we are facing, it is no surprise that most brands are shifting their focus on generating sales and building their brand awareness online. Curious on how most business leaders are making big bucks even during the pandemic? We have a solution for you, and it is called Facebook Marketing.

An eMarketer study reports that 95.8% of social media marketers consider Facebook as an essential tool in reaching media marketing success, particularly as according to, 2.5 billion people tend to use the platform every month.

Impressed? It only gets better from here as shares that two-thirds of their users visit a local business Facebook Page at least once a week. With billions of people on the platform, chances of them coming across and interacting with your Facebook page is extremely high, thus inadvertently becoming a good marketing tool in boosting leads and conversions of your brand.

In our previous post, we have shown you the ropes on how to set up your brand’s very own Facebook Page and how to get them ranked high for your brand or business to be the talk of the town. With that settled, let us discuss how you can increase your leads and sales via the most used method online — Facebook Marketing.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Before we delve in deeper, do you know what Facebook Marketing really is all about? Well for a start, Facebook marketing is the usage of a Facebook page as a communications tool to reach out and engage with a brand’s target audience.

As the platform already provides the necessities needed, it is now easier than ever for brands and businesses to develop a fan base for their services and products — coupled with the right marketing strategy, this, in turn, will be able to increase the revenue of your business in no time.

Who is Facebook Marketing for?

With over 2.5 billion users monthly, Facebook is one of the best platforms for brands and businesses to create an online presence and to engage with their target audience. However, most believe that only big brands should have their own Facebook Page and market themselves on the platform as they already have a big fanbase.

We are here to let you know that if you are an SME (small medium-sized enterprises) or even an individual with a product or service to market and sell, Facebook Marketing is still the perfect fit for you as there is a high chance that your ideal target audience is already on the platform and has been on the lookout for a business that is similar to yours.

Read on to find out who can use Facebook Marketing:

  1.     Local businesses

Local businesses of any type should be using Facebook Marketing to market their products or services, especially as it is confirmed that two-thirds of Facebook users visit a local business Facebook Page at least once a week. Your brand’s Facebook Page can be used to attract locals within your area to check out your product or service and may even entice them to visit your store physically due to its proximity.

  1.     Organizations or Groups

Non-profit organizations or Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), public campaigns, and even political groups may also use Facebook Marketing to promote their services and to build up their brand awareness. The platform serves as the perfect medium for groups to interact and build a rapport with their target audience while inadvertently building a voice for their brand online.

  1.     Individuals

If you think Facebook Marketing is accessible only for household names and big corporations, you might want to think again. With the rise of influencers and micro-influencers, individuals with a product or service to market are also increasing. With Facebook Marketing, you will feel as though you have a virtual team to help you market your product and service to the right target audience with the right methods, even if you are a one-man show.

  1.     Brands

Brands with any kind of product or service will find that Facebook Marketing is the perfect platform for their business to thrive on. With the correct strategy and consistent postings, your target audience will easily be converted into engaging and enthusiastic fans of your brand. The platform is also helpful to shout out information to your target audience about your business such as a give-away contest or even a flash sale that you have planned.

How to Leverage from Facebook Marketing?

Now that you know what Facebook Marketing is all about and who can use the platform, let us look at how you can leverage off of it to boost your revenue and increase your brand awareness.
Read on for the top 3 most used strategy in mastering Facebook Marketing:

  1. Set your goals

As is with any marketing strategy, a goal is the first thing most marketers would set when setting up a marketing campaign. With a clear goal in mind for your brand or business, measuring your success rates and maintaining them will be easier. It is granted that when you market your business online, your goals might differ compared to if you were to market them traditionally. Thus, we have prepared 3 of the most used goals of Facebook Marketing:

  •       Increase Leads and Conversions
  •       Increase brand awareness
  •       Increase community engagement
  1. Know your Target Audience

Almost every brand or business on Facebook has a goal of building a good rapport with their target audience, this is mostly done by engaging with them through the contents posted. To do so, you must first get to know and understand your target audience. Fortunately for you, Facebook now lets you do this via Facebook Audience Insights.

With this powerful tool, you can now access even the tiniest detail about your target audience and other potential customers such as:

  •       Age
  •       Gender
  •       Location
  •       Language
  •       Past purchasing activity
  •       Facebook usage
  •       Education
  •       Relationship status
  1. Create and Plan Engaging Contents

Once you have set your goals and have got to know your target audience better, the next step is to create and plan out engaging contents for your Facebook Page. Granted that Facebook Marketing is all about increasing your leads and conversions, but when all you do is to promote your product or service, chances of your target audience getting tired of your page are extremely high.

Building a good rapport with your target audience is all about building relationships, which is why it is not advisable for you to only focus on promoting your products. To feed their curiosity about your brand, give out information about your products or even a behind the scenes video of how your services are carried out. This will help in keeping your followers engaged and thus increasing your number of likes and shares.

To sum it up, Facebook Marketing is a powerful strategy that can help to generate leads and conversions for your brand or business, especially when we are amid battling COVID-19. With the strategies shown above and by using Facebook as your marketing platform, you won’t have to worry about cutting back or accepting a decline in your revenue.

You will find that there are many potential target audiences on this platform that is eager to engage and purchase a product or service your business has to offer. With the above steps, you are sure to be able to tap into your existing customers in no time.