COVID-19 Lockdown Is the Best Time to Invest In Door Drops

The pandemic catalyzes the offline to online transformation of businesses. It is especially shown in term of marketing campaigns conducted by marketers. Too many enterprises emphasize on online marketing, yet very few see the possibilities of offline marketing to enable the businesses thrive during pandemic. Contrary to popular misconceptions that offline marketing is old-fashioned and ineffective, door drop campaigns actually yield the results to convert sales for businesses during lockdown.  

How do door drops help with boosting sales conversion for business?

Despite the difficulty to track the ROI from door drops, most of the people are stuck at home during lockdown. With many people that work from home, such condition means a ready audience group for door drop campaigns, which people may have more time to check their home mailboxes and read the contents from door drops. Door drops may also help to deliver messages to those who do not have access to online services and technology, especially for elderies and vulnerable communities. Therefore, all intended audience group is covered and no one is neglected during the marketing campaigns.

Moreover, there are statistics and testimonials that indirectly show the effectiveness of door drop marketing, including:

  • People interact with door drops 4.21 times during lockdown compared to the period prior to lockdown.
  • Each door drop have stayed in the home for up to 9.5 days in average, the increase is shown compared to the data before lockdown.
  • A charity organization claimed to receive over RM160, 000 as funds during door drop campaigns, much more than it normally would in telemarketing efforts.

The best time to carry out the door drop campaign is NOW.

The pandemic is one of the most challenging times for most businesses.  Many businesses wish to execute effective marketing campaigns, yet very few know how to stand out in term of marketing. By recognising the values of door drops during lockdown, your business would take competitive advantage to thrive among the pool of competitors. 

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