Build an Online Presence with Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing is all the rage these days, particularly to those who would like to gain brand recognition and brand marketing in the fastest way possible. It is the act of generating leads and making them into conversions by closing sales while nurturing them to build loyal customer relations.

If you are a business owner, or even a digital marketer, having a good social media marketing plan should be your utmost priority to get a high return on investment (ROI) and milk your marketing budget to it’s fullest. With that said, let us explore what exactly is social media marketing.

To put it simply, social media marketing — also known as SMM — is a system or process of building your online presence via various social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and even Pinterest.

By creating, publishing and deeply analysing the content you post, you will be able to manage the quality and frequency of your post to ensure that your platforms are engaging enough for your target audience.

Sensing a headache coming with the various things you need to keep track of with social media marketing? Worry not, we are here to ensure that this will come as a breeze for you, so be sure to read this until the end!

What is Social Media Marketing?

You might have the impression that social media marketing is a complex process, but if you are familiar with the process of creating, publishing and promoting your content across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, then you already have the basic grasp of it.

However, there is much more to social media marketing than just ensuring frequent postings on your social media platforms. You need to constantly increase your visibility as well as engage with your target audiences.

Why Choose Social Media Marketing?

Amidst all the ruckus of social media marketing, you might be thinking that it is too time-consuming and tedious to carry out. However, we promise you that should you get it right, the benefits you will reap will be worthwhile.

Want to know the various benefits of social media marketing? Read on below:

1. Globally Wide Reach

When it comes to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the most apparent benefit is its potential to connect you with various users around the globe — all of whom can be converted as your leads. This feat is almost impossible to reach via other methods of advertising unless a widespread budget is in place, which is why having a social media account to connect to your audiences is a vital act for any business or brand.

2. Easy Access to Target Audiences

Having a social media account for your brand or business ensures that you can reach your target audiences without much effort as this can easily be done by aligning your promotions and marketing initiatives with the user behaviour of your target audiences. According to, 74% of people uses social media to make purchasing decisions, while 80% of people tend to get advice when it comes to purchasing a product through social media through reviews and such.

3. Highly Cost-Effective

You have probably heard that social media marketing is highly cost-effective and that even if you have a low marketing budget, you can still achieve a high ROI with social media marketing. Why do we say this? Well, it is free to join a social media platform, post your contents, and reach out to your target audiences — be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or even LinkedIn, that is why.  All you need to do is to be frequent in your postings and engage with your fans often to make build an online presence, making it a simple yet highly effective way of promoting your business or brand.

4. High ROI

Due to its low budget requirement, most business owners and marketing managers agree that social media marketing offers the best ROI when it comes to marketing their brand or business. This is because via social media platforms, you can reach out to several people to turn them into leads. With continuous postings and the right strategy, these leads can then be turned into your sale conversions. As reported by, up to 45% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers have earned sales and clients via their platform. If they can do it, then you can too!

How to Choose the Right Social Media Management Platform?

Now that you are aware of all the benefits of social media marketing, you might already be putting forward a social media management plan for your business. Before you get started, you need to identify which social media platform is best to market your brand or business.

To help you in identifying which platform will serve you best, we have compiled the top 5 social media platforms and their benefits towards your business below:

1. Facebook

Deemed as the king of all social media platforms, Facebook has close to 2.7 billion active users monthly — all of whom comes from different countries across the globe with diverse backgrounds. It might be widely believed that the platform is now only used by the older generations. However, data shows that there are balanced age groups and genders on the platform’s users. Thus, if you are keen to reach out to a diverse group of people globally and would like to build an international online presence, then Facebook is the perfect platform for your brand or business.

2. Instagram

This platform has a younger audience who tends to be more attracted to visual contents as opposed to written contents. It is also reported to have a slightly higher number of female users compared to male users. Thus, Instagram makes for the perfect platform if your business leans toward lifestyle, art and fashion products and services such as women accessories and make-up products.

3. YouTube

Crowned as the second largest search engine next to Google, YouTube is one of the best platforms to build your business or brand’s online presence. Its unlimited video hosting allows you to post frequent video contents to your YouTube channel to engage and connect with your target audiences. Fret not, you won’t have to produce lengthy videos, just ensure that your content is of quality and make sure you post them up often to reap the benefits of this platform. Via their dedicated video uploads, local YouTube sensations such as Namewee and JO Channel have been reported to be earning USD15,300 and USD38,100 respectively, need we say more?

4. Twitter

With 321 million active users globally, Twitter is the go-to platform for all the latest news and trending topics. This makes it the ideal platform for your business should you aim to make your brand the talk of the town. Since Twitter users tend to use this platform to connect and engage with their favourite celebrities and influencers, you can also use it to market your business and brand directly to these influencers with ease.

5. LinkedIn

When it comes to B2B marketing, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for your brand or business as it allows you to target businesses in different industries effortlessly. You can also market your brand to Key Opinion Leaders in the industry by interacting and sharing your content to your LinkedIn account. As it also acts as a blog, this platform is perfect for you to use to upload articles that your brand or business specialises in. Not only will you be able to engage with numerous businesses and leaders, but you can also position your brand as an authority in your industry over time.

To sum it up, social media marketing is the heart of digital marketing and can be used to market your brand or product effectively in the shortest amount of time. With various platforms to choose from, reaching out to your target audiences and building an online presence should not burn a hole in your pocket nor take a long time to accomplish.  Now that you are aware of its many benefits, you would no doubt agree that including social media marketing as part of your marketing strategy is by far the best way to get ahead of your competitors.

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