Door Drop Marketing 101: What You Should Know More About Door Drops

Despite the current trend of business digitalisation, leaflet distribution is still a popular choice for the advertising world. Over 80% of advertisers use leaflet distributions to ensure their marketing materials to be distributed into the potential consumers’ hand. Statistics show that a leaflet stays at home for 34 days on average, which displays the effectiveness of door drops to increase the sales conversions for your business.

When should I use door drop marketing?

No matter which industry you are from, it is effective for every business to attract potential consumers anytime by using door drops. Door drop marketing is applicable for all-year round, yet it is wise to maximize the door drop effort on festivals where people tend to shop more for the celebration, such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

What should I include in the door drops?

It is sensible to create engaging copies and visual presentations for your leaflets if you would like to improve on the effectiveness of the campaigns. A good leaflet should include an engaging headline, great offer to entice calls to actions, bullet points to show what’s being offered, clear relatable images, and obvious calls to action.

How can I maximize the effectiveness of door drop campaigns?

First, decide your marketing goal and draft out the marketing budget. Second, create alluring sales copies for the leaflets. Third, design a leaflet with an attractive visual presentation. Fourth, choose the relevant geographical areas to distribute leaflets. Fifth, use SBS Prints as your service provider to design, print, and deliver leaflets. Sixth, ask your consumers how they learn about you. Seventh, gauge your marketing campaigns with metrics. Eighth, discuss ways to optimise the cost of the next marketing campaigns. Lastly, make relevant changes on leaflets/areas for the coming campaigns.

In conclusion, door drop marketing undeniably plays an important role in the advertising world. Although we are currently in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, where many operations are either automated or digitalised, it does not mean that door drops should be eliminated or ignored at all. 

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