5 Offline Marketing Ideas that Are Still Relevant in 2020

We are living in the digitalised world, where companies tend to put more focus on online initiatives, such as email marketing, SEO and social media marketing. You may be tempted to place all of your marketing budget on the digital realm, yet offline marketing is not entirely irrelevant up to date.

Sometimes, it would put your business at disadvantage if you decide to ignore those conventional marketing tactics, which certain sales can be only closed via offline marketing.  Depending on the nature of business and demographic information of your target customers, it is wiser to execute offline marketing initiatives to close more sales. There are many offline marketing tactics that we still can use up to now, which include: 

#1: Business Card

Business cards are still relevant up to now although they hail for ages. They enable you to get in touch with your business network immediately through the essential contact information from the cards, including phone number, email and website.

It is important to bring along well-designed business cards, as the first impression of you could be implanted from the visual presentations of your business cards. Other than establishing personal connections with someone you meet for the first time, business cards could make you, and your brand memorable with their eye-catching visual designs.  

The interesting part about business cards is that business cards can come with different sizes and shapes. You may be as creative as you want on your business cards, as long as the design helps to tell the story of your brand. There are a lot of business card design templates available online, which you can pick either to fit into the nature of your business.

#2: Season Greeting Card

People may receive more emails than cards nowadays, yet it is not a bad choice to blast out seasonal cards to your target customers. People enjoy receiving seasonal cards due to their nostalgia-inducing nature. It could remind people of the joy when they received seasonal cards during childhood. By captivating such sentiment, it could bring a surprising effect to your target customers to buy into your brand, which people would relate your brand to positive feelings.

By creating meaningful engagement with your target customers, it tells people that your brand sincerely cares about your customers. This could be an effective strike into a human’s mind as people like to be showered by care and love.  By adhering to the festive tradition, you may outperform your competitors to drive more sales to your business.

#3: Press Release

A well-written press release may come at a price yet it’s a smart investment because it will spread more information about your company, product, or service effectively. Press releases may spark curiosity among your target customers, which more attention will be given on your brand.

Without being complicated, your press release should include the details of your company, such as phone number, email, and website. You can send it directly to any medium and ask them to publish it. By having press releases, your brand could gain more exposure within the town to inform people about your latest product update and the events that you are organising at the moment.

#4: Brand-related Merchandise

We’ve all seen the name of a business printed on the side of a pen, a notebook cover or a goodies bag. Most people have at least one such item in their home. Many companies are willing to invest in this offline marketing effort, as it is proven to be an effective one to increase brand awareness.

Take note of the distribution channels where you would like to spread the items. With the right distribution channels, your brand would attract the right eyeballs, and more right people will buy into your products.

#5: Office Sign

Last but not least, you can feature your brand on signs in the area of your office. To make more people aware of your brand, put up a sign that writes your business information on your store or office windows. Customized neon lights would work very well for your business if done correctly to catch people’s attention and to spark curiosity on what your business is doing.

Experiment with offline marketing ideas and grow your business brand with SBS Print, especially many offline marketing tactics are still relevant and effective. Gliding through new norms, it is tempting to drop out the marketing initiatives yet by doing so your business will be at risk of falling behind. You may be dropping out but your competitors aren’t. 

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