5 Copywriting Tips Proven to Increase Sales Conversions for Your Business

All businesses rely on good copywriting. To explain “copywriting” within a sentence, it is an art that enables businesses to sell products/services with words written on platforms such as websites, promotional materials, etc. The words that convince readers to take actions are called “copies” or “sales copies”.

Many are aware of the importance of making good sales copies, but very few manage to make killer copies that effectively boost sales conversions for their business. It is true that copywriters do not need any specific educational background to be the best in their jobs, but to master the art of copywriting is not as easy as it seems.

To produce great copies, it would take a lot of time and energy. You may think that copies can be done within a few minutes, but the truth is, it sometimes takes weeks for top copywriters just to craft the headline, and also months to write the body copy.

Copywriting definitely needs a lot of research and studies. Entailing many disciplines including linguistics and psychology, copywriters need to learn what motivates people generally with the use of languages. And also, it is important for copywriters to learn the decision making process behind how people act from the moments once they notice the copies to the point that they purchase the products.

Here are five tips that will guide you to write copies that effectively boost sales conversions for your businesses:

1. Target the right audience

“Advertisers who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore the signs of the enemy. “ – David Ogilvy, British Advertising Tycoon

Before you start writing copies, the most important is to understand your customers. Most advertisers map out customer personas to figure out the traits of prospective customers based on their demographic information, desire, motivation and fear. In customer personas, giving your customers individual names– Jane, Timothy, Steve,etc — could sound fun, but it also helps advertisers with building empathy that they are advertising to the real, lively people, which enables them to come up with sales copy that many people can relate and are willing to place their money in their products.

While making customer personas, it is important to make segmentations on primary and secondary audiences, and make customised copies based on different personas made. Many retail businesses are able to generate leads but struggle to close sales because they fail to make customer personas beforehand, or they are targeted to the wrong group of customers who are unable to contribute to the sales closing.

2. Raise your headline game

The headline is the key content driver to let your audience keep reading the rest of your copy bodies. You may get 80% of people read your headline, yet 20% to continue reading the rest – less if your headline is subpar. The principle of advertising is based on human nature. To attract your readers, the headline should cater to the needs and motivations of your target audience and elicit intense emotions of your readers, such as curiosity, fear, etc.

To make a good advertising copy, we have to understand that people tend to:(1) go for what makes them feel good (pride, achievement, joy); (2) run away from what makes them awful (fear, frustration, loss). Remember, what makes one a good advertiser is the ability to address people’s concern to feel good or to escape pain. By pinpointing the pain points, it brings out a more convincing decision making process for consumers to justify why they should bring the products home.

3. Make copy bodies that manage to attract your intended audience

The common mistake made by many copywriters is conveying the message as in “buy me, I am the best” instead of “what I can offer”. Bad sales copies merely list out the features of products without putting themselves in the shoes of consumers. Oftentimes, advertisers fail to realise that they are not only selling products, but also are selling sentiments as well.

Good brands have stories to tell. Copywriters should utilise storytelling techniques on copies as stories elicit emotions that resonate brands with consumers on a deeper level. Emotional engagement propels people to act on the message, which can’t be dismissed in marketing copy.

4. Include direct Call-to-Action

A lot of copywriters love to be funny and innovative with their words. Take note not to get distracted from the main goal — closing the sales. The call-to-action should be direct to declare what readers want to do, which include the link to contact the seller or payment channels for direct purchase. Having a clear call to action could directly boost sales conversion of your business.

5. Revise your copy to make sure it is PRECISE and CONCISE

“When necessary, kill your darlings.”

It is a common advice that experienced writers would give to the rest of aspiring writers. Especially for copywriters, keep your audience engaged with concise sentences. Do not put more words than how much readers can take in a single glance. Or you will lose your audience’s interest.

It is easy to dismiss grammatical flow but it is important to check for grammars in your copies and take out whatever does not make your copies go well. Grammatical defects could be oftentimes a huge turn-off for readers, which make them doubt the credibility of the brand. This is based on the statistics from RealBusiness which shows 74% of web readers pay attention to the quality of spelling and grammar.

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